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DIY Folded Heart Flowers
Handmade paper flowers have always held a special appeal and beauty. And, despite being so pretty, they are often really simple and easy to make. Here is a simple flower you can make at home. DIY FOLDED HEARTS FLOWER | Paper Flowers Who does not love flowers? Of course, they are one of the most beautiful yet simple creations of this world!. It's an astonishing feel when you look a tree full of blossoming flowers. So why don't we try to create these flowers by applying the art of crafting? It's really easy and fun to make. All you need are a few craft materials and lots of interest to make. Materials: Craft paper Scissors Pencil Fevi stick Pearl Hot glue gun Method: 1. Take a craft paper and cut a rectangle of size 8 cm by 5 cm from it. 2. Fold the paper in half along the shorter side. You should now have a rectangle of size 8 cm by 2.5 cm. 3. Make several more of these. 4. Hold four folded paper together, placing each folded paper inside the another folded paper. 5. Draw an arc (half heart) as shown and cut it off to get four hearts as shown. 6. Similarly, cut hearts from all the papers. 7. Cut a small circle from the craft paper. 8. Apply some glue on one side (upper side) of the circle using a fevi stick. 9. Start pasting each folded heart on the paper as shown in the video, until the circle is entirely covered. 10. Open all the folds slightly and paste a pearl in the center using a hot glue gun. 11. Voila! Your folded hearts flower is ready! Tips: 1. You can use any other type of paper like chart paper, cardstock, or even oil paper to make this flower. 2. You can use some sombre patterned or embossed paper for a pretty flower. 3. You can also use old thick magazine papers to make this flower. 4. You can use hearts of different colours to make a multi-coloured flower. 5. Use a larger rectangle for a larger flower and a smaller rectangle for a smaller flower. Watch more: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe YouTube: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: A Ventuno Production:
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